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Modern Pentathlon Equipment and history





Laser pistol

A pistol that is identical in weight and pistol grip to the air pistol, but uses a laser-based barrel powered by one AA battery instead of a gun barrel.


A pistol that uses compressed air or carbon dioxide to discharge lead pellets.


Manual or Electronic targets marked with concentric circles.


Descended from the duelling sword, similar in length to a foil but heavier, with a larger guard and a much stiffer blade.


An object a horse must clear to complete the course, such as a fence, gate or water jump.


Fencing mat made from metal, metallic mesh or some substance with a base that is conductive.


50m long and a minimum 21m wide with touch panels of electronic timing equipment at starting end. Pool must be 1.80m deep throughout.

Competition area

A riding course of 350–450m length consisting of 12 obstacles, a combination of two elements (a double) and another of three elements (a triple).