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Mexico 1968 Mexico 1968 12th October - 27th October

World records tumble and endurance athletes crumble in the high altitude of Mexico City.

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    Bob Beamon - Long Jump men


    The long jump in Mexico featured an outstanding field. All three medallists from the 1964 Games had returned, along with strong challengers from East Germany, Australia and the Soviet Union. The narro...

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    Dick Fosbury - High jump men - Athletics


    Most sports evolve over a long period of time. Rules are changed, patterns of play alter, techniques are adjusted. Only rarely does a sport take a great leap forward at one point. But in Mexico, the w...

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    George Foreman - Boxing


    George Foreman - Boxing History records George Foreman as one of the most famous and enduring heavyweight boxers in history, but his career began in 1968 when he arrived as a talented amateur and left...