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IOC Athlete Career Programme


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IOC Athlete Career Programme

The IOC Athlete Career Programme (ACP), delivered in cooperation with Adecco, supports you, the athlete, while you prepare for and go through your career transition. It provides resources and training to enable you to develop your life skills and maximise your education and employment opportunities. It focuses on three fields:

• Education
• Life Skills
• Employment

It has been designed with you in mind, based on advice from elite athletes, coaches, NOCs and experts from around the world.

The programme is developed and delivered by the Olympic Movement, including National Olympic Committees, International Federations and National Federations.

The programme is designed to assist you to:

Prepare – Understand and commit to the career development process
Discover – Investigate your strengthens and passion
Research – Find out more information
Plan – Devise a plan for success
Implement – develop skills to fit with your plan and begin to ‘live’ your plan

The IOC ACP has been expanding globally with the Outreach Programme. For National Olympic Committees that do not have an ACP in place, the IOC ACP has brought the Outreach Programme to over 30 countries, and is continuing to offer training sessions. The Programme provides a series of workshops designed for elite athletes to plan their transition to a successful life after sport through interactive presentations and small group exercises. If you are interested in bringing Outreach training to your country, contact your National Olympic Committee, or email ioc.acp@olympic.org for more information.

The programme will continue to be enhanced over time and we look forward to your contribution to assisting elite athletes.

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Launched in 2005, the IOC Athlete Career Programme helps elite and Olympic athletes successfully manage the difficult transition from sport to a new career through professional development and job placement.


In 2012, the IOC renewed its commitment with Adecco through 2020, and expanded the programme to three pillars of education, life skills and employment in order to better meet the needs of elite and Olympic athletes. By the end of 2013, the programme had already supported more than 15,000 athletes in over 100 countries and five continents with training opportunities and job placements. 

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Athletes' Kit

Athletes' Kit
Resources for your next steps The IOC Athletes’ Kit is a collection of resources from the IOC Athletes’ Commission written exclusively for you, the athlete.

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