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Life skills







Life skills

Life skills are those which help you, elite athletes, give the best of yourselves. This know-how can seem "normal" to you in the context of your sporting career. As athletes, you have to realise, however that if you really commit yourselves, you will manage to develop a whole series of really valuable resources to carry out your projects after your sporting career. Make the most of your career, of the prospects that it offers, to capitalise on areas such as media relations, public speaking, health and nutrition, financial planning, time management, setting objectives and creating and maintaining public relations. 

The workplace has seen many changes. The skills that employers are looking for nowadays are those which people have acquired themselves, in the sports arena, or practicing other everyday activities. 

Employers are looking for people who have life skills that can be useful in the workplace. Importance is placed on the link between life, learning and work;  and on the way in which these three elements come together to promote:

• Leadership qualities and teamwork
• The ability to adapt and collaboration
• Initiative & innovation

The Life Skills pillar of the ACP gives you resources to help you focus on personal skill development. The resources in the Life Skills page of the Athletes' Kit (below) will assist you in understanding how your skills as a sportsperson can be valuable in other areas of your lives and provides resources focused on the development of new life skills that are beneficial for your development in sports and beyond.

Click here to see the Life Skills page of the Athletes' Kit.



Athletes' Kit

Athletes' Kit
Resources for your next steps The IOC Athletes’ Kit is a collection of resources from the IOC Athletes’ Commission written exclusively for you, the athlete.

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