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The Employment pillar is designed to provide support to elite athletes with their transition to the labour market. In an elite athlete’s life, one change is certain:  they will retire from elite level competition and need to enter a new career. We have found that the earlier they begin to prepare, the better the experience will be.

Information and support is provided in this pillar through three channels to support elite athletes, and the information will continue to be enhanced over time:  

1)   Tools and guidance are published on this web site through fact sheets, with regular updates that are available to all athletes.

2)   The IOC, the IOC Athletes’ Commission and Adecco cooperate with National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to organise outreach training seminars delivered on a regional basis to support Olympic athletes and athletes in training for the Olympic Games (Olympic hopefuls).  For more information on these seminars, contact your NOC or athletes@adecco.com.

3)   A number of NOCs have programmes in place in cooperation with Adecco to deliver personalised career services to their athletes.  We have prepared an overview of these NOC territories with the corresponding NOC Country contacts. These local programmes are part of the IOC Athlete Career Programme, and have been created and customised based on long-standing experience and personalised support for the needs of elite and Olympic athletes. The employment pillar is based on a two-track approach: Career development and Job placement:


  • Career development
    This includes a combination of modules customised to meet athletes’ requirements for their transition to the labour market. The personalised programme helps athletes to view their athletic successes and characteristics from the point of view of the labour market, and enables them to effectively communicate their skills and objectives to the business world.


  • Job placement
    With a personalised approach built on Adecco's world-class job placement expertise, athletes are helped to leverage their unique backgrounds and capabilities with the labour market. The programme creates network opportunities and brings together employers and athletes for the perfect match and a successful working relationship.

Click here to see the Employment resources in the Athletes' Kit.



Athletes' Kit

Athletes' Kit
Resources for your next steps The IOC Athletes’ Kit is a collection of resources from the IOC Athletes’ Commission written exclusively for you, the athlete.

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