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International Relations Commission







The International Relations Commission facilitates and promotes the relationship between the Olympic Movement, particularly the IOC and NOCs, and governments and public authorities.

Strong partnerships with governments

Established in 2002, the International Relations Commission uses the network of relations and expertise of its members, who have all had, or currently hold, a political function in their respective country or region at different levels, to strengthen existing dialogue and cooperation, and to contribute to resolving conflicts when possible. Although independent and autonomous, the IOC, NOCs and IFs have worked for the establishment of strong partnerships with governments to ensure the coherent and long-term development of sport world-wide.

Support communications between IOC and governments

In this framework, the Commission supports the communications efforts made by the IOC in providing information on its policies, actions and mandate with respect to governments, as well as international, regional and national governmental organisations. It also prepares position papers on specific political issues related to sport and advises the IOC President and the Executive Board accordingly. It works in close cooperation with the IOC Department of International Cooperation and Development and the Department of NOC Relations.

The Commission meets once a year.