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HRH Crown Prince Frederik of DENMARK

HRH Crown Prince Frederik of DENMARK

Frederik of DENMARK
Entry in the IOC 2009
Country DEN (Denmark)
Born 26 May 1968
Studies in Political Science, International Relations, Harvard University (1992-1993); Three month training position with the Danish United Nations mission in New York (1994); Master in Political Science from the University of Aarhus, Denmark (1995); First Secretary to the Danish Embassy in Paris (1998-1999)

The Royal Life Guard (1986); Army Reserve Officers training with the Royal Guard Hussars’ Regiment (1987-1988); Graduated as Frogman from the Royal Danish Navy Frogman Corps (1995) - equivalent to Special Boat Service (Royal Marines) or US Navy Seals; Active service as Frogman (1996-1998); Training at the Royal Danish Defence College (2001-2002); Commander (Navy) and Major (Army, Air Force) (2002); Staff Officer, Defence Commanci Denmark (2002-2003); Senior lecturer with the Institute of Strategy at the Royal Danish Defence College (2003); Commander Senior Grade (Navy), Lieutenant Colonel (Army, Air Force) (2004); Commander (Navy), Colonel (Army, Air Force) (2010); Rear Admiral (Navy), Major General (Army, Air Force) (2015)

Sports practised
Sailing, tennis, running, golf, triathlon, skiing

Other activities
Participated in an expedition to Mongolia (1986) and in "Expedition Sirius 2000" - a four-month and 2.795 km dogsled expedition in the northern part of Greenland; Patron of a great many national organisations, institutions and foundations; Honorary member of various associations and societies

IOC History
Member of the following Commissions: Sport for All (2010-2015), Coordination for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in 2018 in PyeongChang (2011-), Olympic Programme (2014-2015), Sport and Environment (2014-2015), Sustainability and Legacy (2015-), Sport and Active Society (2015-), Coordination for the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games in 2020 in Lausanne (2015-)