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Badminton: Thomas Cup, Uber Cup results


Results from day three of the men's Thomas Cup and women's Uber Cup badminton team championships in New Delhi on Tuesday:

Thomas Cup

Group A

Thailand bt Singapore 4-1

Indonesia bt Nigeria 5-0

Group B

Denmark bt England 5-0

Japan bt Hong Kong 5-0

Group D

China bt Taiwan 5-0

France bt Russia 3-2

Qualified for quarter-finals: Thailand, Indonesia, Denmark, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, China, France.

Uber Cup

Group X

Indonesia bt Singapore 4-1

South Korea bt Australia 5-0

Group Z

Japan bt Malaysia 4-1

Denmark bt Germany 5-0

Group Y

India bt Thailand 3-2

Hong Kong bt Canada 4-1

Qualified for quarter-finals:

China, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, India, Japan, Denmark, England or Taiwan.