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IOC Executive Board


All members of the IOC Executive Board are elected by the Session, in a secret ballot, by a majority of the votes cast.


The duration of the terms of office of the Vice-Presidents and of the ten other members of the IOC Executive Board is four years. A member may serve for a maximum of two successive terms on the IOC Executive Board, regardless of the capacity in which he has been elected.

In the case of a member having completed two successive terms of office pursuant to Rule 19.2.2 (of the Olympic Charter) above, he may be elected again as member of the IOC Executive Board after a minimum period of two years. This does not apply to the election for the office of President, for which there is no waiting period.

In case of vacancy of any position other than the President's, the following Session elects a member to such position for a term of four years.

All members of the IOC Executive Board begin their terms of office and renewals at the end of the Session which elected them. Their terms of office cease at the end of the ordinary Session held during the year in which they expire.