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Evaluation Commission

The IOC Evaluation Commission plays a key role in assessing the capacity of Youth Olympic Games (YOG) Candidate Cities to host the Youth Olympic Games.

The task of the Evaluation Commission is to assess each YOG Candidate City’s project through the analysis of their Candidature Files and all other documentation provided. Following this first assessment, the Evaluation Commission produces a report, based on which the IOC Executive Board will  decide which cities will continue to the second phase of the bid process. 

In the second phase, the Evaluation Commission will request further details to clarify certain areas of each shortlisted city’s project and hold video conferences with each city. These video conferences provide an opportunity for the cities and all other parties involved in the bids to present their projects to the Commission and allows for a dialogue to take place between the cities and the Commission. In conclusion to its analysis, the Commission produces a written technical report which, in line with the Olympic Charter, is sent to all IOC members one month before the election of the Host City and is made public on the IOC website. On the day of the election, each YOG Candidate City makes a presentation to the IOC Session and IOC members have the opportunity to ask questions. The Evaluation Commission chair also makes a final report to the Session. An electronic vote then takes place and the Host City is elected.

As part of the YOG philosophy, the IOC takes an adaptable co-construction approach to the organisation of the Youth Olympic Games whereby it works closely with all cities to understand their projects and determine flexible solutions to potential challenges arising from a specific context or legacy requirement for example.

Evaluation Commission for the 3rd Winter Youth Olympic Games - 2020

Chair Yang YANG
Members Alexander POPOV
Experts Caroline ASSALIAN (ACNO/ANOC)
  Peter BAYER
  Nicole RESCH (AIOWF)
Director in charge Olympic Games Executive Director