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Coach Krzyzewski

“Two is better than one if two can act as one”. My over-all goal is to develop a relationship with each individual player where we will be one.”


Sir Clive Woodward

“I like to see athletes that really question at times what you are providing as a coach. The more a player engages in the process with a coach, the more knowledge he or she can gain which will help them to achieve their full potential.” 

Sergey Bubka

“I wanted to always grow, to never be satisfied, and consistently push myself to do better than the day before.”

Kobe Bryant

“The best thing for me was always guidance. It wasn’t a coach that said: “do this, do that,” but more of a coach that gave me a framework and the right tools, mentally and physically, to make the right choices and right decisions while I am playing or training.”

Angela Ruggiero

“Having been coached by both men and women, the approach of a coach should take into account the individual difference rather than the gender difference.”

Rene Fasel

IOC EB member and President of the International Ice Hockey Federation

“I think personally it will be a very big challenge, but one of the most important things that we have to speak about is trust - that the athlete at the end can trust all the people around him: trust his coach, his agent, his doctor that he can be successful.”

“Trust, trust is very important - that the athlete can 100% trust his coach, his doctor, his agent. That he can really focus on what he has to do and work with his talent and be very competitive in his sport.”

Adam Pengilly

Sport practised: skeleton

“A balanced well functioning entourage has got to revolve around communication. The athlete has to be at the heart of it, and there has to be really one person leading and coordinating all of the rest of the input from the experts. That person is normally the technical coach, but it may vary from sport to sport and individual to individual.”

Willie Banks

Sport practised: athletics (triple jump)

“The most effective entourage would be one that is focused on the athlete’s performance, not focused on anything but; and then one that does not get in the way or put any type of burden on the athlete. So, for instance, the athlete should go through either a manager, a family member or a coach for all needs, and that outside person should be the one who everyone goes to, all of the entourage goes to, for any needs and desires.”