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Entourage Commission


The framework of the Entourage Commission is given in the Olympic Charter, under Rule 21:

“IOC commissions may be created for the purpose of advising the Session, the IOC Executive Board or the President as the case may be.”

The Entourage Commission deals with matters concerning the relationship between athletes, coaches, managers, sponsors and all other stakeholders that support athletes. All efforts will be made to improve the quality and the level of services in uniting the stakeholders.

As both the Athletes’ Commission and the Entourage Commission aim to provide the best possible environment for the athletes, the following distinction can be made:

  • The Athletes’ Commission - provides input and recommendations from the athletes towards other athletes and sports institutions.
  • The Entourage Commission – experts and Olympic Movement representatives dealing with all matters related to entourage which directly or indirectly impact athletes or sports institutions. 

Below is the current list of objectives to date; they will evolve and be adjusted over time.

  • to be an opinion leader
  • to protect athletes’ health, social development and ethics (doping/illegal betting)
  • to educate athletes, coaches and the athletes’ entourage through the provision of a reference framework

Guidelines for the Conduct of the Athletes’ Entourage

Guidelines for Sanctioning the Members of an Athlete’s Entourage