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Age group 17/18

Competition format

The YOG Boxing competition will feature 66 boxers – six boxers in each of the 11 weight categories, from light flyweight to super heavyweight. Of the 66 places, 44 will go to the best placed boxers in each weight category at the Youth World Boxing Championships, 20 will be allocated as Universality places (to ensure representation from as many countries as possible) and two places will go to the host nation. Each country can enter one boxer per weight category, and a maximum of three boxers in total.

There will be three phases in the Boxing competition: preliminaries, semi-finals and finals. On the day before competition starts, four boxers will be drawn to box in the preliminary round, and two boxers will be drawn directly to fight each other in the semi-final round. Winners of the two preliminary round bouts will advance to fight each other in the semi final round. The losers of the semi-finals will compete for the bronze medal, and the winners will advance to the gold medal bout.

Each bout will be made up of four rounds, with each rounding lasts two minutes, with a one-minute rest period between rounds.


    Men events
    • + 91 kg
    • 91 kg
    • 81 kg
    • 75 kg
    • 69 kg
    • 64 kg
    • 60 kg
    • 57 kg
    • 54 kg
    • 51 kg
    • 48 kg