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Research and Reference Service






The Research and Reference Service (RRS) is responsible for passing on knowledge on Olympism, ensuring the quality of the information provided and thus acting as a point of reference for all requests for information, research and studies on key topics such as :


  • the organisation and structure of the Olympic Movement
  • the history of the modern Games, from the creation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894 to forthcoming Games
  • the past and future Summer and Winter Games and Youth Olympic Games
  • the evolution of sports and disciplines at the Olympic Games
  • participation by the National Olympic Committees (NOCs)
  • ceremonies and their protocol
  • Olympic results and records
  • Male/female participation in the Games
  • Olympic terminology
  • Games legacy
  • and much more…    


The RRS experts respond to the requests received, provide factual information, check facts and figures and perform analyses and historical research useful to the work of researchers, teachers, students, journalists and lovers of sport and Olympism: Ask your question here.


A selection of content is available on line: