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World Programmes


NOCs in the front line for promoting Olympic Values

The educational aspect of Olympism and the Olympic values are the foundation of the unique character of the Olympic Movement. Sport thus represents a powerful tool and has the potential to play a fundamental role within society at large, particularly with respect to the younger generations.

The values of friendship, respect and excellence are at the heart of the mission and activities of NOCs  worldwide, as they are responsible for developing and promoting the Olympic ideals in their respective countries, in line with the Olympic Charter. Olympic Solidarity continues to offer NOCs opportunities to bring Olympism and Olympic values to life, in line with IOC policies and in fields as diverse as the protection of athletes’ health, environmental sustainability, gender equality, widening sports practice and lifelong Olympic education as well as preserving heritage.

Five programmes are in place to assist NOCs and enable them to play a key role at grassroots level within their respective communities, thereby putting IOC policies and programmes into practice.

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