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World Programmes


Efficient management: a source of strength for the NOCs

The objective of the NOC Management programmes is to help NOCs fulfil their mission in the best possible way by helping them to carry out their tasks.

This is achieved through direct financial assistance and support for projects aimed at strengthening their management. The programmes also offer several training opportunities for sports administrators, as well as facilitate exchanges of information and experiences between NOCs.

Each year, the NOCs are eligible to receive an administrative subsidy to assist them with covering their running costs. They can also submit projects aimed at improving various aspects of their management.

Several training options are also available to the members and staff of NOCs and their affiliates: Sport Administrators Courses, Advanced Sport Management Courses and scholarships for the Executive Masters in Sports Organisation Management (MEMOS).

NOC Exchanges enable NOCs to learn from each other in order to find solutions to the challenges they all face in their daily operations.


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