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World Programmes


Tailor-made support for athletes at all levels

The five athletes programmes available within the context of the 2013-2016 quadrennial plan offer the NOCs assistance adapted to the age and level of their athletes as well as to the type of competitions for which they are preparing. The objective is to provide each NOC with the technical and financial means to ensure they can fulfil their specific needs and priorities during the various development stages of their athletes. 

Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games are now well established and represent an important step in the development process of tomorrow’s champions. Olympic Solidarity considers it essential to provide NOCs with the opportunity to be involved from the very start and through the identification, qualification and preparation stages of these young athletes. Indeed, this programme provides a unique opportunity to support athletes from the grassroots, with a focus on the preparation of the next Summer and Winter Youth Olympic Games.


The continental and regional Games represent a great opportunity for many NOCs to witness their athletes and teams winning medals. Participation in these games is now a key factor in reaching elite level. By investing in these athletes of intermediary level, Olympic Solidarity confirms its support to all level of athletes by filling the gap between youth and elite.

Olympic Games

The NOCs have the possibility of assisting their athletes and teams for both the Sochi Olympic Winter Games and the Rio Olympic Games. The athlete scholarship programmes target exclusively elite athletes with the flexibility required to respond to the specific needs of all NOCs. Indeed, for some NOCs the objective will be the qualification, and for others to win a medal at the Olympic Games. The Team Support Grant also allows the NOCs to concentrate on the qualification and preparation of an elite level team for the Olympic Games.

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