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Bidding for the Games - Beyond 2022


Beyond 2022



The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is committed to supporting every city and National Olympic Committee that wishes to bid to host the Olympic Games. It aims to ensure that all potential bidding cities and NOCs receive the necessary information to launch a fully formed bid.

Knowledge-transfer process – Bidding for the Games conference

The IOC organises a comprehensive information seminar at the beginning of each bid process. To further assist cities and NOCs considering a potential bid for the Olympic Games, the IOC organised the first “Bidding for the Games” conference in November 2011. This two-day conference included information on how to develop a vision and fix objectives to ensure a successful, long lasting legacy, as well as information on the importance of building partnerships in bidding for and delivering the Games, and the potential benefits that can be gained from bidding itself, irrespective of the outcome. Previous organisers shared their experience on the impact that hosting the Games had had on their city/country, on both the tangible and intangible aspects. The conference ensured that the relevant authorities had the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Bidding for the Games

The Olympic Games symbolise a unique venture as they have the power to deliver a significant experience which can considerably change a community, its image and its infrastructure. Through its scope and profile, the Olympic Games provide major opportunities for positive improvement and significant legacy. These opportunities can include environmental, economic and social development, as well as sporting and urban development.

IOC Honorary President Jacques Rogge said : “I call it a social responsibility, to have a sustainable legacy, because we cannot ask to have investment for just two weeks of competition – these investments are there for generations to come.”

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London 2012

2020 learns from 2012
2020 learns from 2012 The three cities bidding to host the 2020 Olympic Games – Istanbul (Turkey), Tokyo (Japan), and Madrid (Spain) – are all in London this month, as part of the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) London 2012 Observer Programme.
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Barcelona 1992

Barcelona “totally transformed” by hosting 1992 Olympic Games
Barcelona “totally transformed” by hosting 1992 Olympic Games

Hosting the 1992 Olympic Games “totally transformed” Barcelona, according to the city’s mayor, Xavier Trias. Speaking at the Global Sports Forum in March, Trias revealed how the Games created a long-term sporting legacy for the city, increasing sports participation and leading to more major events being held in Barcelona.