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All rights reserved.en Olympic Committee holds meeting one year on from election<p>“Since bringing the Winter Games to Korea last year, we have laid the foundations and the road map for the successful hosting of the Games in accordance with our vision of transforming Gangwon Province into a winter tourism hub in East Asia,” said POCOG President Jin Sun Kim.</p> <p>POCOG's announcements included information on improved venue plans, which are expected to add to the compact nature and festive mood of the Games.<br />&nbsp;<br />“In the past year, the PyeongChang Organizing Committee has been established, a Special Act was approved to support preparation works, the ground for the Wonju-PyeongChang-Gangneung high-speed rail link was broken, and the designing of the competition venues has begun,” added President Kim.</p> <p>Since its election, and following consultation with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Federations (IFs), POCOG made the decision to make some adjustments to the venue masterplan to improve the overall Games experience.</p> <p>“The adjustments are inevitable in order to deliver the athlete- and Games-oriented concept that we had promised in the bid,” said the president.</p> <p>One of the key changes was to the location of the Opening and Closing Ceremony. The site has moved 2km from the ski jumping venue in the Alpensia ski resort, to a proposed site in Hoenggae. Measuring 80,000 sq. m, the site will be transformed into a festive hub capable of seating 50,000 spectators and including a Medal Plaza, an exhibition hall, traditional food markets and other attractions that are expected to be popular with athletes and tourists. <br />&nbsp;<br />POCOG has also launched a new website as a platform to communicate the progress it is making. Visit <a href=""></a> to access the new site.<br /><br /><br /><a href=""><img alt="" src="/Global/Images/News/2012-07/05/PyeongChang_600.jpg" /></a></p>7/6/2012 9:00:00 AM 2018 quick off the blocks following successful bid process<p class="iocCopyIntro">Building on the momentum of a comprehensive bid process run by the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOCHome.aspx?id=34&epslanguage=en">International Olympic Committee</a> (IOC), the organisers of the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games have got off to a strong start, embarking on preparations to deliver the Republic of Korea’s first Olympic Winter Games.<br /></p> <p>The <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=30828&epslanguage=en">IOC Coordination Commission</a> for PyeongChang 2018, chaired by <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=58150&epslanguage=en">IOC Executive Board</a> member <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71360&epslanguage=en">Gunilla Lindberg</a>, made its first inspection visit to the winter resort town this week and praised the work already undertaken by the local organisers.<br /><br />“We were pleased by the high quality of presentations that were delivered by the very capable team at <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/FutureGameAdvanced.aspx?id=132625&epslanguage=en">PyeongChang 2018</a>, under the leadership of President Jin Sun Kim,” said Lindberg. “They have a good grasp of what is expected of them and what they need to accomplish. They have taken full advantage of the bid process to learn from the IOC and previous Olympic hosts and this is clearly reflected in their current work.”<br /><br />The Commission visited PyeongChang from 20 to 22 March, with the organisers confirming that they would continue to build upon their impressive bid vision for the Games, which has a strong focus on sport, legacy and sustainability. In addition, the structure of the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (POCOG) is quickly taking shape, with the key roles already filled.<br /><br />The Commission also got a first-hand look at the venues in the Alpensia and Gangneung coastal clusters. Six of the sites already exist and a clear construction schedule has been established for the others - indeed, the construction of the Olympic Village in Gangneung has already begun. All the venues are being developed with a view to providing optimal competition and training conditions for the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/AthletesHome.aspx?id=31&epslanguage=en">athletes</a> at Games time.<br /><br />The strong support for the Games and the integration of the Korean authorities, at all levels of government, was underlined once again by their presence during the visit and the work carried out last year to pass the special act in support of the Games. <br /><br />“It was a rewarding inaugural meeting with the Coordination Commission under the astute leadership of Mrs Lindberg,” said POCOG President Kim. “The positive appraisals and invaluable advice will serve us well in the years to come. We would like to express our gratitude to every member of the Coordination Commission and IOC administration, and to the national and local governments, as well as the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31167&epslanguage=en">Korean Olympic Committee</a>.”<br /><br />The relationship between POCOG and the Korean Olympic Committee (KOC) is also working well, with the KOC giving the Commission an overview of its project to develop its team for the 2018 Games. The development of winter sport in Korea will be a key legacy of the PyeongChang project, and many International Federations have offered their support in this regard. <br /><br />POCOG also continues to work on its “Dream Programme,” which brings young people from areas of the world without a <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/SportsHome.aspx?id=30&epslanguage=en">winter sports</a> tradition to PyeongChang to practise sport on snow and ice. The programme is a legacy from PyeongChang’s bid for the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/GameAdvanced.aspx?id=154975&epslanguage=en">2010 Olympic Winter Games</a>, and the Commission was very supportive of its long-term continuation.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p align="center">###</p> <p>For more information, please contact the IOC Media Relations Team: <br />Tel: +41 21 621 6000 e-mail: <a href=""></a>, or visit our web site at <a href=""></a>.</p> <h5>Videos</h5> <p>YouTube: <a href=""><font size="2"></font></a> </p> <h5>Photos</h5> <p>For an extensive selection of photos available shortly after each event, please follow us on <a href="">Flickr</a>.</p> <h5>Social media</h5> <p>For up-to-the-minute information on the IOC and regular updates, please follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a>, <a href="">Facebook</a> and <a href="">YouTube</a>.</p>3/22/2012 8:00:00 AM Coordination Commission visit to PyeongChang<p class="iocCopyIntro">The IOC’s Coordination Commission for the <a href="">PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games</a> will visit the host city in the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31167&epslanguage=en">Republic of Korea</a> for the first time this week (20-22 March). Under the chairmanship of <a href="">Gunilla Lindberg</a>, the Commission will meet with members of the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee (POCOG), along with representatives of the national government and local authorities. </p> <h5>Progress</h5> <p>Representing the different facets of the Olympic Movement, such as <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/AthletesHome.aspx?id=31&epslanguage=en">athletes</a>, the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CountriesHome.aspx?id=32&epslanguage=en">National Olympic Committees</a>, and the International Federations, the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=30828&epslanguage=en">Coordination Commission</a> members will hear presentations on the different elements of POCOG’s progress since its election and the PyeongChang 2018 concept. They will also have the opportunity to visit a number of the venues during their stay. Over the coming years, the Commission will help to guide POCOG, as it prepares to welcome the world’s athletes to the Republic of Korea in 2018. </p> <h5>The Coordination Commission</h5> <p>The <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOCHome.aspx?id=34&epslanguage=en">IOC</a>, as the guardian of the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/GamesHome.aspx?id=29&epslanguage=en">Olympic Games</a>, assists and monitors the work of the Organising Committee for the Olympic Games through the work of the Coordination Commission. The Commission visits the host city once a year until four years from the Games, when the visits become twice yearly until the Games are held. The Commission’s full meetings are supplemented by the regular visits of smaller IOC teams involving the Commission Chairman, selected members of the Commission and members of the IOC administration. </p> <h5>PyeongChang 2018</h5> <p>PyeongChang was elected as the host city for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games at the 123rd IOC Session in Durban, <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31307&epslanguage=en">South Africa</a>, on 6 July 2011. PyeongChang won the vote against the cities of Annecy (<a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=30781&epslanguage=en">France</a>) and Munich (<a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31122&epslanguage=en">Germany</a>). PyeongChang defeated Munich and Annecy in the first round of voting, by 63 votes to 25 and 7 respectively. The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games will play host to the seven <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/SportsHome.aspx?id=30&epslanguage=en">Olympic winter sports</a> currently on the Olympic programme and will run from 9 to 25 February 2018. </p>3/19/2012 10:00:00 AM delegation prepares PyeongChang for life as a Games organiser<p class="iocCopyIntro">A delegation from the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOCHome.aspx?id=34&epslanguage=en">International Olympic Committee (IOC)</a> today wrapped up a successful orientation seminar (29-31 August) with representatives of <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/FutureGameAdvanced.aspx?id=132625&epslanguage=en">PyeongChang 2018</a>, less than two months after the South Korean city was elected host of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.</p> <p>Led by the Chair of the IOC Coordination Commission for the PyeongChang 2018 Games, <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71360&epslanguage=en">Gunilla Lindberg</a>, and Olympic Games Executive Director Gilbert Felli, the IOC group spoke to the local delegation about the management of the Olympic Games and the key milestones that occur during the lifecycle of an Organising Committee.<a name="_GoBack"></a> They also laid out the framework of partnership that will guide preparations for the next seven years and outlined some best practices from previous Games. </p> <p>Speaking after the seminar, Lindberg said: “We are excited to be here so soon after PyeongChang was awarded the right to host the 2018 Games. Our Games Management process helps cities to get up and running quickly and effectively, which is highly beneficial because, as PyeongChang will discover, the seven years between now and the Games will go by rapidly.</p> <p>“The city has already benefited from the transfer of knowledge from past Games and from their previous bids and we can see how well-prepared and eager they are already,” she continued. “We were pleased with the presence of all levels of government during our visit, as we met Minister Choung from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism; Governor Choi; and the mayors of the host communities. This underlines the strong ties between the Games stakeholders and the commitment of the country to these Games.” </p> <p>The PyeongChang 2018 delegation at the orientation seminar was headed by Bid Committee Chairman Yang Ho Cho and included <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31167&epslanguage=en">Korean Olympic Committee (KOC)</a> President Y.S. Park, IOC member from Korea Dae Sung Moon and Ki Hong Kim, Director General of the Sports Bureau, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. </p> <p>Yang Ho Cho, Chairman and CEO of PyeongChang2018, said: "We are very happy to have welcomed Ms Lindberg and the IOC representatives to PyeongChang again. As we wrap up the IOC Orientation Seminar, I feel that we are off to a very good start. We are learning a great deal from the IOC's expertise and experience, and the information we have received during this Seminar will serve as the foundation for our preparations. For the next seven years, we will work closely with the IOC, and all of their guidance, counsel, and friendship will ensure that we host a successful Winter Games in 2018."</p> <p>As part of its transfer of knowledge programmes, the IOC runs an orientation seminar shortly after the election of each host city. The aim of the seminar is to help the newly elected city make the transition from bidding for the Games to being a Games organiser. It explains in detail the preparation phases and the operations that will need to be finalised over the next seven years, while building upon the transfer of knowledge that the cities receive from the IOC during the bid stages. The seminar also helps the organisers to decide where they should focus their efforts during the start-up phase and is an opportunity for the IOC to share its Games management philosophy with them. This enables everyone to understand what is expected of them and ensures that the collaboration is as efficient as possible right from the outset.</p> <p align="center">###</p> <h5>NOTES TO EDITORS:</h5> <h5 class="iocCopyGrey">Olympic Games Knowledge Management (OGKM)</h5> <p>The IOC’s transfer of knowledge programme plays a key part in allowing Organising Committees to build top-quality Games on the basis of past experience. In addition to the orientation seminar, the IOC’s Olympic Games Knowledge Management programme consists of a knowledge base, accessible via an extranet, comprising key reports, plans and information from every area of Olympic Games management, observers’ and secondees’ programmes during the Games, a debrief following each edition of the Games, and access to specially tailored courses for Organising Committees with the participation of Games experts.</p> <p align="center">###</p> <p>For more information, please contact the IOC Media Relations team: <br />Tel: +41 21 621 6000 e-mail: <a href=""></a>, or visit our web site at <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Videos</h5> <p>YouTube: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Photos</h5> <p>For an extensive selection of photos available shortly after each event, please follow us on <a href="">Flickr</a><br />To request archive photos and footage, please contact our Images team at: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Social media</h5> <p>For up-to-the-minute information on the IOC and regular updates, please follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>. </p> <h5>Innsbruck 2012</h5> <p><a href="">1st edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria,13 to 22 January 2012</a> Follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>.</p>8/31/2011 9:00:00 AM Lindberg to Chair PyeongChang 2018 Coordination Commission<p class="iocCopyIntro">International Olympic Committee (IOC) <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71386&epslanguage=en">President Jacques Rogge</a> has appointed Ms <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71360&epslanguage=en">Gunilla Lindberg</a> to chair the Coordination Commission for the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/FutureGameAdvanced.aspx?id=132625&epslanguage=en">XXIII Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang</a>, Republic of Korea, in 2018. PyeongChang was awarded the 2018 Olympic Winter Games last month in Durban. Lindberg will lead a strong, multinational team of men and women, who will be responsible for assisting and guiding the PyeongChang Organising Committee during the period leading up to the Olympic Winter Games, as well as monitoring the progress of preparations.</p> <p align="left">Lindberg, who led the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=43839&epslanguage=en">2018 Evaluation Commission</a>, will be rejoining the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=58150&epslanguage=en">IOC Executive Board</a> as of the end of the month, building on her two previous mandates as a member (2000-2004) and Vice-President (2004-2008). An <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOCHome.aspx?id=34&epslanguage=en">IOC</a> member since 1996 and Secretary General of the Association of <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CountriesHome.aspx?id=32&epslanguage=en">National Olympic Committees</a> (ANOC) since 2004, Lindberg brings vast experience from her time spent on <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=30828&epslanguage=en">Coordination Commissions</a> for five <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/GamesHome.aspx?id=29&epslanguage=en">Olympic Games</a>.</p> <p align="left">The members of the 2018 Coordination Commission, also announced today, include <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/MembersList.aspx?id=70587&epslanguage=en">IOC members</a> with wide-ranging Olympic Games experience gained either from work on former IOC <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=43839&epslanguage=en">Evaluation</a> or Coordination Commissions or with previous <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=30806&epslanguage=en">Games Organising Committees</a>. </p> <p align="left">The members of the Commission represent the many stakeholders of the Olympic Movement, including the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/AthletesHome.aspx?id=31&epslanguage=en">athletes</a>, the National Olympic Committees, and <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOC.aspx?id=30805&epslanguage=en">International Sports Federations</a>, and act as a link between them, the Organising Committee and other Olympic family stakeholders, thereby ensuring the coordination necessary to help deliver successful Olympic Games.</p> <p align="left">“Ms Lindberg has all the qualities and charisma to lead the team who will be responsible for assisting PyeongChang in the next seven years”, said IOC President Rogge. “She knows exactly what it takes to stage successful Olympic Winter Games and through the work that she carried out while leading the 2018 Evaluation Commission. She is already well acquainted with PyeongChang’s Olympic project and immediate priorities. She will be a strong ally to the Organising Committee and will ensure that we see great Games in 2018”, added Rogge. </p> <p align="left">Commenting on her appointment, Lindberg said: “I am delighted and honoured to have been chosen to head the 2018 Coordination Commission. Having chaired the 2018 Evaluation Commission, I have first-hand knowledge of the many strengths that PyeongChang and <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31167&epslanguage=en">South Korea</a> have to offer to the Olympic Movement. I am confident that, with the assistance of my very experienced colleagues, we will help PyeongChang deliver outstanding Winter Games in 2018”. </p> <p align="left">The composition of the Coordination Commission is as follows:<br /><br /></p> <p align="left"></p> <table border="0" width="100%"> <tbody> <tr valign="top"> <td>Gunilla LINDBERG</td> <td>Chair, IOC Member</td> <td>SWE<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Gilbert FELLI&nbsp;</td> <td>Olympic Games Executive Director&nbsp;</td> <td>SUI<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Angela RUGGIERO&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member and Athletes’ Commission Representative&nbsp;</td> <td>USA<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Gian-Franco KASPER&nbsp;</td> <td>AIOWF Representative&nbsp;</td> <td>SUI<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Tsunekazu TAKEDA&nbsp;</td> <td>ANOC Representative&nbsp;</td> <td>JPN<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Ottavio CINQUANTA&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>&nbsp;ITA<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>HRH Crown Prince Frederik of DENMARK&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>DEN<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>René FASEL&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>SUI<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Barry MAISTER&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>NZL<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Adam L. PENGILLY&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>GBR<br /></td></tr> <tr valign="top"> <td>Zaiqing YU&nbsp;</td> <td>IOC Member&nbsp;</td> <td>CHN<br /></td></tr></tbody></table> <p align="center">###</p> <p>For more information, please contact the IOC Media Relations Team: <br />Tel: +41 21 621 6000 e-mail: <a href=""></a>, or visit our web site at <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Videos</h5> <p>YouTube: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Photos</h5> <p>For an extensive selection of photos available shortly after each event, please follow us on <a href="">Flickr</a><br />To request archive photos and footage, please contact our Images team at: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Social media</h5> <p>For up-to-the-minute information on the IOC and regular updates, please follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>. </p> <h5>Innsbruck 2012</h5> <p><a href="">1st edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria,13 to 22 January 2012</a> Follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a></p>8/5/2011 8:30:00 AM elects PyeongChang as the host city of 2018 Olympic Winter Games<p class="iocCopyIntro">The International Olympic Committee (IOC) today elected PyeongChang (Republic of Korea) as the host city of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in 2018 during its 123rd Session in Durban, South Africa. </p> <p>PyeongChang won in the first round of voting with 63 votes, against Munich (25 votes) and Annecy (7 votes). </p> <p>Ahead of&nbsp;the signing of the Host City Contract, which sets out the legal, commercial and financial rights and obligations of the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/CorporateIOCHome.aspx?id=34&epslanguage=en">IOC</a>, the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/HostCity.aspx?id=43&epslanguage=en">Host City</a> and the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of the Host Country in relation to the Olympic Games, IOC President Jacques Rogge congratulated the PyeongChang team for winning the vote and praised the high quality of their file and final presentation.</p> <p>“PyeongChang presented a strong and inspiring project that enjoys massive support from the government and the public,” said Rogge ahead of the press conference that followed the announcement ceremony. “I have every confidence that PyeongChang will deliver on its commitment and host excellent <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/FutureGameAdvanced.aspx?id=132625&epslanguage=en">Games in 2018</a>.”</p> <p>The <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71386&epslanguage=en">IOC President</a> also thanked the other Candidate Cities: Munich (<a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=31122&epslanguage=en">Germany</a>) and Annecy (<a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Country.aspx?id=30781&epslanguage=en">France</a>) for their efforts and the quality of their candidatures. </p> <p>Rogge said: “PyeongChang’s inspiring project sets out to have the heart of the Olympic Winter Games beating in the mountains. The South Korean project will leave a tremendous legacy as PyeongChang will become a new winter sports hub in Asia, allowing <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/AthletesHome.aspx?id=31&epslanguage=en">athletes</a> and young generations to practise <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/NoAccess.aspx?id=44&epslanguage=en">winter sports</a> at home, be exposed to the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/OlympismHome.aspx?id=33&epslanguage=en">Olympic Values</a> of Excellence, Friendship, and Respect, and pursue their Olympic dream. I congratulate PyeongChang. The IOC looks forward to collaborating with them over the next seven years.”</p> <p align="center">###</p> <p>For more information, please contact the IOC Media Relations Team: <br />Tel: +41 21 621 6000 e-mail: <a href=""></a>, or visit our web site at <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Videos</h5> <p>YouTube: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Photos</h5> <p>For an extensive selection of photos available shortly after each event, please follow us on <a href="">Flickr</a><br />To request archive photos and footage, please contact our Images team at: <a href=""></a></p> <h5>Social media</h5> <p>For up-to-the-minute information on the IOC and regular updates, please follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a>. </p> <h5>Innsbruck 2012</h5> <p><a href="">1st edition of the Winter Youth Olympic Games, Innsbruck, Austria,13 to 22 January 2012</a> Follow us on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Facebook</a></p>7/6/2011 5:28:00 PM"New Horizons" for 2018 <p class="iocCopyIntro">The city of PyeongChang has been elected as the host city of 2018 Olympic Winter Games. Pyeongchang received 63 votes in the first round of voting, with Munich receiving 25 votes and Annecy receiving 7 votes. This will be the first time that South Korea has hosted the Olympic Winter Games and signals the opening up of “New Horizons” for the Winter Games and sport.</p> <h5>Lessons learnt<br /></h5> <p>“Congratulations to PyeongChang. I think there is a lesson to be learnt from their achievement, and that is that patience and perseverance have prevailed and were important,” said <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/Member.aspx?id=71386&epslanguage=en">IOC President Jacques Rogge</a>, referring to the fact that it was PyeongChang’s third attempt at obtaining the Games. “The three bids were excellent. Each city could have organised perfect Olympic Winter Games, but ultimately one had to be chosen. I would like to congratulate our Korean friends very warmly, and I am sure we will have great success with them in our future collaboration.”</p> <h5>Absolute delight<br /></h5> <p>“We are absolutely delighted that PyeongChang has been awarded the right to host the 2018 Olympic Winter Games,” said Chairman of the 2018 Bid Committee for PyeongChang Yang Ho Cho. “Over the course of 10 years of bidding we listened and learnt from the Olympic family. Today, our efforts and commitment to hosting the <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/GamesHome.aspx?id=29&epslanguage=en">Olympic Games</a> have been rewarded. We will ensure that our hard work will continue all the way through to 2018 to create an amazing Winter Games in Korea.”</p> <h5>PyeongChang 2018 – New Horizons<br /></h5> <p><a href="/_Templates_/Pages/FutureGameAdvanced.aspx?id=132625&epslanguage=en">PyeongChang 2018</a>’s vision for the 2018 Games is to offer the Olympic Movement and the world of winter sports New Horizons — a legacy of new growth and new potential never seen before. Its Winter Games plan is one of the most compact in Olympic history and it offers a unique stage on which the world’s best <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/AthletesHome.aspx?id=31&epslanguage=en">athletes</a> can achieve superior performances. With PyeongChang’s strategic position in Asia, and its access to an emerging and fast-growing youth market, the 2018 Olympic Winter Games will no doubt expose new generations of potential athletes to the power of winter sport. </p> <p>With PyeongChang now having secured its place in Olympic winter <a href="/_Templates_/Pages/NoAccess.aspx?id=44&epslanguage=en">sports</a> history, other cities that are interested in hosting a Games can learn more by attending the International Olympic Committee’s “<a href="">Bidding for the Games</a>” seminar, which will be held in Lausanne on 1 and 2 November this year.</p>7/6/2011 6:52:00 PM