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London 2012 Benefits of hosting London 2012 will be ongoing


What does a fire and rescue service 300 kilometres away from the Olympic Park in London have to do with the 2012 Games? The answer lies in an innovative approach to community engagement, which is catching on around the UK.

Fire Fit is the brainchild of the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MFRS), a regional fire service operating 26 community fire stations for 1.4 million people living in and around the city of Liverpool. A London 2012 Inspire Mark winning project, Fire Fit aims to build “safer and stronger communities” through a diverse programme of grassroots sporting, cultural and health-related activities. These are organised and run by members of the MFRS fire service together with a network of partners.   

Initiatives include building a family-oriented assault course, bringing “cage football” and mobile climbing walls onto inner-city estates, staging community theatre productions in local fire stations and organising sport “summer fun days” – designed to encourage community cohesion and promote public health and safety.  As well as bringing people together and encouraging them to live healthier, more active lives, Fire Fit has also benefited the emergency services. The MFRS’s evaluation reports suggest that there has been a reduction in fire- and police-related incidents in those areas where Fire Fit has engaged with the local community, especially with young people.


London 2012

Olympic Park will continue to transform East London
Olympic Park will continue to transform East London In-depth plans for developing the Olympic Park and its venues, after the Paralympic Games have ended, will ensure a lasting sporting legacy for the area. A £300m construction project run by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) will transform the Olympic site into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, due to open in phases from 27 July 2013.
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London 2012

London 2012 set to provide lasting sporting legacy
London 2012 set to provide lasting sporting legacy With London 2012 due to get underway in just a few days’ time, the world’s attention will soon be focused on the incredible sporting achievements of the world’s greatest athletes. But the Games are not just about the record-breaking feats that are sure to be witnessed in the Olympic Stadium and at venues across London and the UK; they can also provide long-term sporting legacies, which provide benefits long after the Games have finished.
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