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Build review time into your timetable
Read before you go to a lecture
You can do this by skip-reading to get an overview of the main idea.
Go to the lecture and take notes
Go over the day’s reading and think about
How can you organise these notes to clearly show the main points: underlining, highlighting, colour coding, numbering.
Go over your summary again
at the end of the week in your weekly revision session for each unit and at the end of the module.
Half-hour goals
Two minutes deciding exactly what you are going to do, why you are doing it now, how it relates to what you did before, what would be a logical place to stop and why. The trick is to keep the task very small and precise so that it can be accomplished within the time limit. Twenty-five minutes doing it; three minutes reviewing it, checking that it was what you had set out to do; making notes on the reading; wondering about the implications of the ideas, and working out how they connect.
Diversify your investment
Studies of elite athletes have found that pursuing a career, education or community service in parallel to training can help prevent burnout and make you more focused and perform better as an athlete. Having variety in life can make it more enjoyable and rewarding, and give you the energy to achieve even more.
Aim to do what you love
A world of opportunity is at your feet, and jobs come in many forms. Take the time to map out what you want to do with the rest of your life; setting the goals that you think will enable you to fulfil your potential. Also, recognise that most other people change careers. It is not something unique to athletes and it is natural for this to cause confusion and anxiety. Everyone deals with it and grows stronger in the process.
It is never too early to start
Planning for your career and life after sport is essential. Olympic athletes are the best in the world not only in sport, passion and ambition, but also in focus and discipline. They know how to put a plan together and execute it. A carefully thought-out career plan will enable you to position yourself for even greater success in your athletic pursuits as well as your personal and professional life.
Remember no one starts at the top
Apply the same grit and determination to starting and advancing your working career as you have to your sporting discipline. Your success in the labour market will depend on your dedication to building your core skills, and the focus and ambition that helped shape your sporting career will be vital assets.
Displaying 71 - 80
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