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Remain cool, calm and polite during the interview. If the interviewer becomes aggressive, they will be the ones who lose out, not you.
Don’t be afraid of silence. Say what you want in answer to a question then stop. Silence is the interviewer’s problem, not yours.
As an athlete your time is so important to you. It is therefore also important whilst studying to have a routine to gather and retain information.
Identify your notes
This is of importance for future referencing of bibliographic detail. For lectures, record the unit, the name of the lecturer, the date and title of the lecture at the top of the first page, and number and date the following pages.
Organise your notes
In order for notes to be easily understood and retrieved, they should be systematic – use a clear layout with main and subheadings clearly differentiated.
Mind maps
The theme or main idea is written in the centre of the page with supporting points and details radiating outwards.
After the lecture, review your notes
Immediately, ideally 10 minutes after the lecture. But, if that’s not possible, no later than that night, review and check over your notes. Make sure they make sense and are easy to understand.
Organise your notes in a filing system immediately after reviewing them.
Use abbreviations whenever you can, it will help you keep pace with what the lecturer says.
Displaying 61 - 70
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