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Reward yourself
Why study while on tour?
The first step is to determine if you need to study or complete work whilst away from your home base. This will depend on your study assessment items’ requirements, lengths of tour and study support while you are away. With this information you can determine if you need to study whilst away.
Organise your study and plan before you leave. Also organise support from your team manager or coach which will help you to stay motivated to complete your work.
Pre departure
Set yourself some realistic goals of what you would like to complete while away. Ensure you have all your notes and books that you may need to take with you.
Making best use of your time
Plan your time around your other scheduled activities and competition. If you allocate time to study you will be more likely to do it.
Organise or find the best place for you to study.
Study hints and tips
Attempt to do the ‘hard work’ first and break your work into sections. Always attempt to stay with your plan.
Using technology
Organise all requirements before you leave. Discuss the capabilities of technology for your tour with someone who has travelled to the areas before. Ask about connections and costs, etc.
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