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25 September 2010

Frank Fredericks

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Frank Fredericks © IOC

Frank Fredericks (Namibia) is a four-time Olympic silver medallist in athletics (100 m & 200 m) who also won gold in the 200 m at the 1993 World Championships. In his role as Chairman of the IOC Athletes' Commission and as a member of the IOC Executive Board, he is actively involved with sports administration around the world. In addition, Frank is a member of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) Athletes’ Commission, Chairman of the Namibian NOC Athletes’ Commission and, last but not least, Chairman of the steering committee of the IOC’s Athlete Career Programme (ACP). He is a Bachelor of Science (BSC) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


Watch the video interview to learn about Frank’s experiences as a student-athlete, his athletic career, what he is doing today and how he was able to ensure a successful career transition.