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Introduction: Life Skills


The Life Skills pillar focuses on personal skill development. It assists athletes in understanding how their skills as a sportsperson can be valuable in other areas of their lives, and provides resources focused on the development of new life skills that can be beneficial for their development as an athlete and in their life beyond sport.

Regardless of where an athlete is in their career, life skills play an important role in driving self-confidence, both on and off the field of play.

“I really wish I had understood earlier how important life skills can be in all areas of my life. I hope that all athletes will take advantage of the materials available through the IOC ACP and benefit from them across all aspects of their life and not just in the sporting context.” – Amadou Dia Ba, Athletics

“Sport taught me essential things I did not learn at school and I always valued the impact it had in my life. The materials in the IOC ACP will guide you in the process of using your talent in sport to develop precious life skills. It’s important to take the time to think about how your talent in sport and the skills you develop as an athlete can be transferred to other areas of life.” – Stefan Holm, Athletics

You will learn:

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