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Relive Vancouver 2010 Day 16 - February 27, 2010



The eco-friendly Richmond Olympic oval was home to some highly entertaining races – no less so than on the final day of the speed skating, which saw Canada and Germany celebrating gold.

The long track speed skating programme came to an exciting end at the Richmond Olympic Oval, with Canada and Germany celebrating gold medals in the men’s and women’s team pursuit respectively.

It was a typically thrilling finish at the Oval, which had played host to some memorable skating over the previous two weeks. The venue had already seen skating superstar Sven Kramer, of the Netherlands, claim a stunning gold in the 5,000m with a new Olympic record, before he was disqualified from the 10,000m after switching lanes at the wrong time. While Kramer was left disappointed, the Czech Republic’s Martina Sablikova was delighted with her own Olympic performance, which saw her secure gold medals in both the 3,000m and 5,000m, as well as a surprise bronze in the 1,500m.

But it was not just the skaters making headlines at the Oval, as the venue itself attracted praise for its environmentally friendly features, including an energy-efficient refrigeration system, which reuses energy wasted during ice-making. Timber that was salvaged from local forests affected by a severe pine beetle infestation was also used in the Oval’s huge roof, which the Olympic fans tried so hard to raise as they cheered their heroes on.


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