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Relive Vancouver 2010 Day 13 - February 24, 2010



After Olympic heartbreak in Turin, Australia’s Lydia Lassila finally had reason to cheer as she claimed gold on Day 13.

Lydia Lassila’s Olympic dreams in Turin in 2006 were shattered when she collapsed in agony with a ruptured cruciate ligament in qualifying. Four years later, the Australian soared to a fairytale gold medal in the women’s aerials after executing a perfect double twisting triple back flip, scoring a total of 214.74 points. “This is vindication for all the sacrifices,” said Lassila, who has benefitted from an Olympic Solidarity scholarship. “I’ve come from some pretty bad places and rough times and I’ve finally done it. This is something I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember.”


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Ski Cross

Ski Cross Wins Rave Reviews
Ski Cross Wins Rave Reviews Fans and competitors declared the first Olympic ski cross competition a smashing success as the skiers savoured their role in Olympic history. Ashleigh McIvor of Canada thrilled fans from the host country as she claimed the gold medal in Tuesday’s competition. Hedda Berntsen of Norway took the silver medal, and Marion Josserand of France won bronze.
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An Air Canada flight delayed for the Games!
An Air Canada flight delayed for the Games! A flight leaving Vancouver had to be delayed so that many of the passengers could watch the ice hockey final. The passengers had simply ignored the repeated calls to board. A first for this air company.

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