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Philipp Schoch's steady and flawless performance Salt Lake 2002 Snowboard Men


Winter Olympic sports tend to provide an adrenaline rush like few others, and the exhilaration provided by snowboarding is no different.

Along with curling, snowboarding was a new event on the Olympic schedule at Nagano, Japan in 1998 and it has been providing some of the Games’ highlights ever since.

Not least when Swiss snowboarder Philipp Schoch seized his moment in the limelight in spectacular style in the parallel giant slalom at the Park City Mountain Resort.

Schoch, a 23-year-old with little success at the highest level going into the Games, triumphed against the odds throughout the tournament.

He was among the slowest qualifiers for the last 16, but battled his way through to the final against former world champion Richard Richardsson from Sweden.

The Swede had built up a lead of almost a quarter of a second under the gleaming blue skies in Utah and looked an absolute certainty to ram home his advantage.

Schoch looked focused and determined as he prepared in the starting gate, and he put in a steady and flawless performance.

Unbeknown to the young Swiss though, who was lost in his own world of concentration, a string of errors from Richardsson meant he was disqualified for missing one of the gates.

Schoch turned round as he crossed the line to find himself unchallenged and he slumped onto his back, punching both fists into the sky in celebration, a gracious Richardsson becoming the first to join in the congratulations.

Four years later and Schoch and his brother made the final a family affair by both reaching the final and again Philipp was victorious to become the first person to win two snowboarding golds.


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