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Miguel Berrocal Ortiz, "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (1991-1992)


This creation by Spanish sculptor Manuel Berrocal Ortiz, born in 1933 near Malaga (Spain), is a very special and monumental torso (300 x 285 x 182 cm). The work is in fact composed of six moveable elements which, when they are together, form an athlete’s torso. The various sections of the sculpture are made of a composite reinforced with kevlar and carbon fibre. The sections are moved by a mechanism hidden inside the base.

Torsos are one of Berrocal’s favourite subjects. To produce them, the artist draws his inspiration from Greek and Roman antiquity but also the Renaissance. In addition, having studied both arts and sciences, Berrocal is a past master in the artistic dissection of the human body. He is thus capable of producing a work which preserves the harmony of its curves, whatever the movements of the sculpture.

The title of this work - "Citius, Altius, Fortius" – obviously recalls the Olympic motto. Berrocal chose to give his sculpture this title because the torso perfectly illustrates the effort of the athlete and his physical and mental concentration. Once “back together”, the athlete will be faster, higher and stronger (citius, altius, fortius).

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