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London 2012 Benefits of hosting London 2012 will be ongoing

The positive repercussions from hosting the greatest show on earth will be felt across the UK’s capital for generations to come.

The regeneration of East London and particularly Stratford, the site of the Olympic Park, will bring untold benefits to the area and the local communities that live there.

The Olympic Park will be transformed into the Queen Elizabeth Country Park, and the permanent venues within it will bring new leisure facilities to the area. The increased focus on the area brought by the Games coupled with an improvement in transport links and the new shopping centre next to the Park will bring greater visitor numbers and continued investment to the borough.

Permanent venues such as the Velodrome and the Aquatics centre will not only offer affordable facilities to encourage residents of the capital to get involved in sporting activities, they will also have the facilities to host world-class events. These will attract further tourism to London providing an ongoing boost for businesses operating in the capital.

The sporting legacy created by the Games will also have a lasting impact on the capital and its residents. London 2012 has generated a lot of interest in sport and a number of initiatives are already in place to capitalise on the enthusiasm generated and encourage people to get involved.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson described how London must continue the momentum created by the Games to secure a lasting legacy for the capital. “We can secure a transport, housing, infrastructure, sporting, cultural and social legacy from these Games and turn these Games to gold for decades to come,” he added.

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London 2012

Olympic Park will continue to transform East London
Olympic Park will continue to transform East London In-depth plans for developing the Olympic Park and its venues, after the Paralympic Games have ended, will ensure a lasting sporting legacy for the area. A £300m construction project run by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) will transform the Olympic site into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, due to open in phases from 27 July 2013.
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London 2012

London 2012 set to provide lasting sporting legacy
London 2012 set to provide lasting sporting legacy With London 2012 due to get underway in just a few days’ time, the world’s attention will soon be focused on the incredible sporting achievements of the world’s greatest athletes. But the Games are not just about the record-breaking feats that are sure to be witnessed in the Olympic Stadium and at venues across London and the UK; they can also provide long-term sporting legacies, which provide benefits long after the Games have finished.
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