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Commercial Partnerships

Since its founding in 1894, the Olympic Movement has depended on partnerships with the business community to help stage the Olympic Games and to support the Olympic athletes. Today, marketing partners are an intrinsic part of the Olympic family.

Commercial partnerships are the driving force behind the promotion, financial security and stability of the Olympic Movement. 

"Without the support of the business community, without its technology, expertise, people, services, products, telecommunications, its financing - the Olympic Games could not and cannot happen. Without this support, the athletes cannot compete and achieve their very best in the world's best sporting event."
Jacques Rogge, President, International Olympic Committee


The IOC's commercial programme has four main objectives. 

  • To create long-term commercial relationships to ensure the financial stability of the Olympic Movement.
  • To ensure that the largest possible audience around the world can view and experience the Olympic Games via a variety of broadcast platforms. 
  • To ensure appropriate distribution of revenue throughout the Olympic Movement, including future Organising Committees, National Olympic Committees, International Federations and other recognised organisations. Click here to find out how marketing revenues help athletes from emerging nations. 
  • To preserve the special character of the Olympic Games, to protect and promote the Olympic image and ideals throughout the world, and to work with all marketing partners to enhance Olympism.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is committed to key policies: 

  • No 'field of play'advertising is permitted. The Olympic Games are the only major sporting event in the world where there is no advertising in the stadium or on the athletes
  • Clean telecast by Olympic Games rights-holding broadcasters 
  • Restricted number of corporate sponsorships.
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