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Canoe Slalom Equipment and History





Bent-shaft paddle

A paddle with a bend in the shaft, intended to increase power but compromising control.


The wide part of a paddle which passes through the water. The canoe paddler uses a paddle which has one flat blade on one end of the paddle shaft, which may not be fixed to the boat in any way.


A light, narrow, open boat propelled by one or more paddlers from a kneeling position, using single-bladed paddles.


The enclosed space in a kayak or slalom canoe where the paddler(s) sit.


The closed-in area over the bow and/or stem of a canoe or kayak, intended to shed water and strengthen the gunwales.

Double-Bladed Paddle

A paddle with a blade at each end, used in kayaks to paddle on each side of the boat.


Two striped poles suspended just above the water from a wire stretched across the course.


The end of a canoe paddle opposite from the blade.


The frame or body of a boat.


A light, narrow closed boat in which the paddler is seated facing forward, using a doubled bladed paddle to propel the craft

Single-Bladed Paddle

A paddle with a blade at one end.


A flexible covering fitted to the paddlers waist that encloses the cockpit of a canoe or kayak to ensure that the boat is waterproof.

Life Jacket