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Baron Pierre-Olivier BECKERS-VIEUJANT

Baron Pierre-Olivier BECKERS-VIEUJANT

Entry in the IOC 2012
Country BEL (Belgium)
Born 03 May 1960
Master's degree in applied economics at IAG, Louvain-La-Neuve; MBA from Harvard Business School

Store Manager for bakery firm in Belgium (1982-1983); Delhaize Group (1983-2013); Store operations from trainee to store manager, Cub Foods, Atlanta, USA(1983-1986); Buyer, Director of purchasing, member of the Executive Committee and Director and Executive Vice-President of the Executive Committee in charge of international activities, Delhaize Belgium (1988-1998); President and Chief Executive Officer Delhaize Group (1999-2013); Member of the Board of Directors of the Delhaize Groupe

Sports practised
Field hockey, swimming, cycling, skiing, mountain climbing and trekking

Sports administration
Board member of the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (2002-); President of the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (2004-)

Other activities
Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum (2009-2010); Chair of the CIES, the Food Business Forum (2002-2004 and 2008-2009); Board member of the Food Marketing Institute (1999-); Vice-President of FEB/VBO, Belgian Employers Federation (2008-); Board member of Guberna (2006-); Member of the Belgian Commission on Corporate Governance (till 2010)

IOC History
Chair of the Audit Committee (2014-); Member of the following Commissions: Finance (2013-), Ethics (2014-)