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Baron Pierre-Olivier BECKERS-VIEUJANT

Baron Pierre-Olivier BECKERS-VIEUJANT

Entry in the IOC 2012
Country BEL (Belgium)
Born 03 May 1960
Master's degree in applied economics at I.A.G., Louvain-La-Neuve; MBA from Harvard Business School

Store Manager for bakery firm in Belgium (1982-1983); Delhaize Group (1983-); Store operations from trainee to store manager, Cub Foods, Atlanta, USA(1983-1986); Buyer, Director of purchasing, member of the Executive Committee and Director and
Executive Vice-President of the Executive Committee in charge of international activities, Delhaize Belgium (1988-1998); President and Chief Executive Officer Delhaize Group (1999-)

Sports practised
Field hockey, swimming, cycling, skiing, mountain climbing and trekking

Sports administration
Board member of the Belgian Olympic Interfederal Committee (2002-); President of the Olympic Interfederal Committee (2004-)

Other activities
Co-Chair of the Consumer Goods Forum (2009-2010); Chairman of the CIES, the Food Business Forum (2002-2004 and 2008-2009); Board member of the Food Marketing Institute (1999-); Vice-Chairman of FEB/VBO, Belgian Employers Federation (2008-); Board member of Guberna (2006-); Member of the Belgian Commission on Corporate Governance (till 2010)

Awards and distinctions
Belgium's Manager of the year (1999); Belgium’s BEL 20 CEO of the year (2008); Best CEO for investor relations for Belgium – Thomson Extel (2010)