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Athletes' Commission


The athletes have their own Commission whose role is to make sure their interests are protected.

In 1981, the then-IOC President, Juan Antonio Samaranch, created the IOC Athletes’ Commission. Its creation was confirmed by Rule 21 of the Olympic Charter.

The Commission, which meets once or twice a year, serves as a consultative body and is the link between active athletes and the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The Commission represents athletes within the Olympic Movement and also upholds the rights and obligations of the athletes.

Members of the Athletes’ Commission are involved in the IOC’s main commissions and working groups. The Chair of the Athletes’ Commission serves as a member of the IOC Executive Board, and the Commission makes recommendations to the IOC’s executive bodies. 

The Athletes’ Commission also works in liaison with commissions of the Continental Associations, individual National Olympic Committees and the International Sports Federations.

Every two years the Commission also organises an Athletes’ Forum, where athletes from around the world and representatives of the International Federations of Olympic sports and the five Continental Associations of National Olympic Committees meet to discuss topics of direct concern to them.

The Olympic Charter
"An Athletes' Commission shall be constituted, the majority of whose members shall be athletes elected by athletes participating in the Olympic Games."
Rule 21 of the Olympic Charter

Download the “Guide to Developing an Effective Athletes’ Commission” for information on how to develop an Athletes’ Commission in your country:
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