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Athletes' Commission

Athletes’ Commission members are involved in many activities - below is a list of a few of them:


Olympic Games

  • Candidate city evaluation process
  •  Monitoring the organisation of the Olympic Games
  •  Working on the programme of the Olympic Games.


Fight Against Doping

  • Awareness-raising among athletes of all categories
  • Supporting and being involved in the initiatives of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), e.g. promoting the anti-doping passport, and harmonising rules and sanctions.
  • Warning about the risks of using nutritional supplements.


Women in Sport

  • Encouraging women’s participation in the Olympic Games and in the practice of sport in general.
  • Encouraging women to take leadership positions in sports administration
  • Developing training and education projects for women
  • Raising awareness and providing information through continental seminars and world conferences


IOC Athlete Career Programme


In February 2005, the IOC launched the IOC Athlete Career Programme (IOC ACP), which now comprises three main axes:


Education: providing information, a list of criteria and a checklist enabling athletes to undertake a “dual career” (sport and studies) in the best conditions


Life skills: making available practical files giving athletes information, advice or a checklist concerning subjects related to their daily lives (nutrition, the fight against doping, financial planning, etc.)


Employment: services related to career preparation and management (drafting CVs preparing job interviews, etc.) offered to the athletes, during and after their high-level sports career.

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The Environment

  • Promoting a healthy environment for everyone
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues among sports event organisers
  • Contributing to the best possible integration of sports facilities into the environment
  • Athletes are important role models, as their commitment to promoting the sustainability agenda has the potential to influence and inspire others, particularly young people, to take action.

Support for Humanitarian Schemes

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles through sport – preventing HIV and AIDS and discrimination of people living with HIV
  • Promoting the Olympic ideals of peace and mutual understanding in communities through sport and Olympic Truce
  • Promoting sustainable development and environmentally friendly behaviours in the sporting community
  • Informing about the Olympic Values Education Programme, an initiative to encourage the dissemination of our values and history among the youth of the world.