The application process for non-rights holding radio and television organisations “ENRs” who wish to cover the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014 for news purposes is now closed


The News Access Rules for Sochi 2014 in English can be found here.

The News Access Rules for Sochi 2014 in Russian can be found here.

The broadcast of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games to be held between 7 – 23 February 2014, is subject to and protected by full IOC copyright. Only those organisations that have been granted the right by the IOC to broadcast the Olympic Games for a particular territory (“Rights Holders”) may do so.

To protect the exclusive rights of the Rights Holders, but to also respect the requirements of the Olympic Charter regarding the fullest coverage by the different media and the widest possible audience in the world for the Olympic Games, the IOC recognises the need for broadcast organisations who do not own the right to broadcast the Olympic Games (“Non-rights holders” / “ENR”) to have limited access to Olympic Material, for news purposes, in accordance with the IOC’s News Access Rules. 

These rules apply to all forms of broadcasting, including television (including free-to-air and Pay television, including digital channels, digital multi-channels and services such as “News Active” or “Sports Active”), Internet, Mobile Platform and other interactive media or electronic medium, and radio.

The IOC will directly grant “ENR” accreditation to a limited number of bona fide non-rights holders for this purpose. These accreditations give access to all Olympic venues but under specific conditions. Non-rights holders are strictly forbidden from taking professional video equipment into Olympic Venues or from filming, recording or broadcasting from within Olympic Venues, except as outlined in the News Access Rules.

The News Access Rules define the type and quantity of coverage a non-rights holder can broadcast for news purposes within its territory (3 x 2 x 3), which can only be broadcast in a regularly scheduled news programme.

Notwithstanding the above, accredited non-rights holders are permitted to take and use professional video equipment into the Main Press Centre (MPC) and may broadcast, via the Internet, all or portions of press conferences that take place in the MPC, without any territorial restrictions, provided that there is a delay of at least thirty minutes from the conclusion of the press conference.

ENR accreditations do not qualify for tickets for high demand events including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The IOC will strongly protect the exclusive broadcast rights of the Rights Holders. The accreditations of any organisation or person(s) accredited at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games  may be withdrawn without notice, at the discretion of the IOC, for purposes of ensuring compliance with the News Access Rules.

If you have any questions on the above, please do not hesitate to contact IOC Media Operations who directly manages the ENR accreditation process at media.operations@olympic.org



A submitted application does not mean that the request itself was successful.  The IOC will notify all applicants (successful and unsuccessful). 

Successfully accredited ENR organisations
will be sent a copy of the Television and Radio News Access Rules by the IOC together with an Undertaking.  ENR accreditation is conditional upon signed acceptance of the IOC’s News Access Rules. The ENR organisation must indicate their acceptance of and to act in conformity with the News Access Rules by signing and returning the Undertaking to the IOC by April 2013.  Without the signed Undertaking, accreditation will not be granted.

Once the IOC receives the signed Undertaking, the IOC will inform the Sochi 2014 Organising Committee so that they can send the Press by Name accreditation form to the ENR organisations on 7 June 2013. 

The Press by Name accreditation form has to be completed, with the names of the accredited persons nominated by the ENR organisation to cover the Games, and returned to Sochi by 7 September 2013.  Sochi 2014 will send Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards (OIAC) directly to ENR accredited organisations in November 2013.

Key Dates Accreditation Activity
8 October – 16 November 2012 Submission period for ENR Accreditation on the IOC website www.olympic.org/accred2014
January 2013 (end) The IOC will inform both successful and unsuccessful ENR applicants of its accreditation decision. The IOC will confirm the accreditation quota to the successful organisations and will send them the News Access Rules and the ENR Undertaking.

The IOC will also advise all accredited ENR organisations about the process for reserving accommodation and obtaining the relevant information publications through the Sochi Organising Committee.
April 2013 Deadline for ENR organisations to return the signed Undertaking to the IOC
7 June 2013  Sochi will send the Press by Name accreditation forms to ENR organisations that have returned their signed Undertaking forms to the IOC.
7 September 2013  Deadline for the return of Press by Name forms to Sochi.
November 2013  Sochi Accreditation Department sends out the non-valid Olympic Identity and Accreditation Cards (OIAC) to all ENR accredited organisations.
7 – 23 February 2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games Sochi 2014