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2018 Host City Election 3 Candidate Cities: Munich, Annecy, PyeongChang


Germany’s unparalleled passion for winter sport is world-famous. Our centuries-old tradition of combining warm hospitality with the celebration of winter sport draws record crowds to events in every winter discipline: 30,000 for the Four Hills Ski Jumping competition in Garmisch-Partenkirchen; 77,000 for the opening game of the 2010 IIHF World Championships; 90,000 for the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding; 360,000 for the 2005 Nordic World Ski Championships in Oberstdorf. Combining its unique festival atmosphere with the highest levels of organisational excellence, Germany delivers a competitive experience cherished by winter athletes.

Winter sport is in our DNA. That’s why Germany consistently ranks near the top of the Winter Games medal count. That’s why Germany sets television audience records for winter events. And that’s why German corporations lead the world in winter sports sponsorships. The greatest Olympic festivals are defined by more than what happens on the field of play. The true spirit of the Games comes to life and spills out onto the streets.

Germany lifted the 2006 FIFA World Cup to a new level of celebration that captured the world’s imagination like never before. That celebration produced the largest television audience in World Cup history and elevated the FIFA brand to a new plateau. Munich’s Festival of Friendship will do no less for the Winter Games.

Munich 2018 will deliver an unprecedented Olympic Fest that thrills and inspires. 70,000 fans – the largest live audience in Winter Games history – will see the Opening Ceremony. The city will host the largest Olympic celebration ever on the grounds of the legendary Oktoberfest.

We have created a vision, mission and legacy to bring our Festival of Friendship to life:
Our vision: a world united in friendship and peace through sport.
Our mission: to make friends through sport.
Our legacy: a global event that delivers sustainable benefits for generations to come

Munich 2018’s Festival of Friendship will be:


Munich’s compact athlete-centred plan will create ideal conditions for peak performance. The full-stadia atmosphere, the Bavarian welcome and the festival in the streets will ignite the Olympic spirit and lift the competitions to that rare plateau these athletes deserve.


Munich 2018 will ensure every Winter Games guest enjoys an unforgettable friendship through sport experience. Our pre-Games Friendship Hospitality Programme will ensure the winter and summer NOCs, NPCs and IFs can train in Germany and build friendships with host communities.


A youth-driven street festival – the Youth Fest – will add a new dimension to the Olympic celebration and a new level of participation, in Munich, in the mountains and in major cities across Germany. Blending the digital friendship drive of social networks and lessons from the Youth Olympic Games, Munich will create a culture and education programme for the next generations driven by entertainment in the streets.


Munich 2018’s concept is firmly rooted in an ethic of sustainability. The use of existing venues and mass transport infrastructure and minimal new construction mean a uniquely low impact plan. Munich 2018 aims to deliver the first ever carbon-neutral Winter Games.
The 1972 Olympic sustainability story is a unique platform to show the world that mega-events can deliver a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Munich 2018 Venues Map


Olympic Winter Games 2018

IOC releases 2018 Evaluation Commission Report
IOC releases 2018 Evaluation Commission Report The IOC released the report by the Evaluation Commission for the XXIII Olympic Winter Games in 2018. This report follows the Commission’s visits to the three Candidate Cities bidding to host the Games: Munich (Germany), Annecy (France) and PyeongChang (Republic of Korea).
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Olympic Winter Games 2018

2018 Candidate Cities Brief IOC Members in Lausanne One of the most important steps in the bidding process to host the 2018 Olympic Winter Games got under way when the three Candidate Cities – Munich (Germany), Annecy (France) and PyeongChang (South Korea) [Cities listed in the order of drawing of lots.]- presented their candidatures to members of the IOC in Lausanne.
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